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  • Sales training in the first year
  • Editor:Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Co., Ltd.Date:2018-06-18 12:17 Click:

At the beginning of the new year, Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Co., Ltd. immediately launched a three-day product technology and product characteristics learning and training activities. The training activities from the processing and production of raw materials to supporting sales of production products, there are extremely detailed explanations, but also focused on increasing the use of related bearing products training, including the use of the field and the use of easy-to-occur operating conditions in the process of problems, and to address these problems give corresponding solutions. The training activities have impressed every trainees and benefited greatly.


At the same time, Vice General Manager Ma Weiliang also led the sales staff to study in the production workshop, listen to the technical department colleagues professional technical explanation, explore the production equipment used in the production process and the unique technology in the production process, to help sales staff better understand their products and their own products. The situation has laid a solid technical foundation for the new sales pattern of the company in 2018.


The training activities are supplemented by examination papers to examine the training effect, so that the trainees can deepen their understanding of the products, at the same time, have a deep understanding of the impression of the relevant products and product characteristics. The strong strength of the enterprise and innovative technology also left a deep impression on the employees visiting the factory. They firmly believe that in the future on the road, Tianma bearings will be quality cast brand, brand achievement enterprises.

The picture shows the participants watching and studying in the workshop.